Rebuilding a Life

Lindsey Cooper sits in one of Identity Dance Company's studios, with a verse from Psalm 139:14 is painted along the wall, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Cooper says that she wants her dancers to understand that they were made with everything they need for this life. [Dana Sparks/The Register-Guard]


The impact of sex trafficking in Lane County

About this project

This project from The Register-Guard — Rebuilding a Life: The impact of sex trafficking in Lane County — explores the layered effects sex trafficking has on Lane County.

After careful research and interviews with 16 local, state, national and international sources, words, phrases and misrepresented media materials that perpetuate negative stereotypes or glorify sex trafficking are not used in this project.

For example, instead of the word “pimp,” we use “trafficker” or “sex trafficker.” Instead of “prostitute,” we use “victim/survivor of sex trafficking.” Instead of “John” or “customer,” we use “sex buyer” or “purchaser.”

Exceptions will be made for directly quoted material from sources, legal terms and media that contain those phrases.

Note: This project contains information, research and descriptions of real-life events about sex trafficking. While this project has been created with a sensitive mindset, it contains potentially distressing material, language and descriptions of situations pertaining to sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, abusive situations and mental health issues.