2018 Donation match pledge as final days of fund near

Al Brown is offering a donation match, up to $5,000, to help power The Intelligencer’s Give A Christmas fund toward its 2018 season goal of $140,000

In the 1951 classic film “Scrooge,” there’s a poignant scene featuring the ghosts of successful men who were selfish and stingy in life.

Now seeing the errors of their greedy ways, the specters are trying desperately, from beyond the grave, to help a young homeless woman and her child, who huddle on a snowy street. Still, the ghosts’ power to intercede is gone, and they wail and lament.

Be assured: Al Brown will never be among that sorry lot.

The Buckingham man, a 52-year-resident of Bucks County, is the definition of success, rising to become one of only three corporate fellows in Rohm and Haas Co,’s history. But the chemist’s considerable corporate achievement is matched equally by the size of his generous heart.

That’s why Brown is offering a donation match, up to $5,000, to help power The Intelligencer’s Give A Christmas fund toward its 2018 season goal of $140,000.

The annual charitable campaign is in its final days, and now is the time to act.

“I’ve been donating to Give A Christmas for about 20 years,” said Brown, who actively supports other Bucks County charities, such as Bucks Knocks Out Hunger. “I believe in it because it’s a hand up, not a hand out.”

Indeed, the money goes to help locals, many of whom sadly fall into the category of the working poor.

There are the couples laboring in low-wage jobs who have just enough to cover bills and nothing left for Christmas presents for their children. There are the single moms and dads doing everything they can to juggle parenthood and work. There are the struggling families who’ve been touched by untimely death or bank account-draining illnesses.

Give A Christmas aims to make the holiday possible for such folks by providing financial assistance during the holidays. The Bucks County Opportunity Council administers Give A Christmas, with 10 percent of the proceeds shared with the Keystone Opportunity Center.

“The Bucks County Opportunity Council couldn’t accomplish its mission without the generous support of all our donors,” said Joseph Cuozzo, the council’s director of development. “For Give A Christmas, your donation can mean the difference between nothing for a family or having something to give. For families with kids in particular, it really means a lot.”

Benefiting local residents in need in Central and Upper Bucks County, as well as Eastern Montgomery County and the North Penn and Indian Valley communities, Give A Christmas delivers a variety of assistance. That includes everything from help with buying gifts and groceries, to paying rent, medicine bills and utility expenses.

If eligible requests during the holidays are fulfilled and there is money left over, the remaining funds can be used to provide assistance to local residents throughout the year.

Thanks to donations from individuals, families and businesses, Give A Christmas has raised about $2.9 million since its inception in 1988. Last year, the campaign generated nearly $139,500 – money that went to help families with an average household income of $16,211.

By donating during these last days before Christmas, community members have the power to accelerate this year’s fund past 2017′s tally. Don’t be one of the ghosts caught out in the cold, wishing you would have acted for good. Make your donation today.

“I’m very big on helping the people of Bucks County,” said Brown. He encouraged those who can to find it in their hearts to give this holiday season.

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