Jesse Petrea

District 166 (Savannah), Republican

Years in office: 4

Profession: Executive, healthcare services

Committees*: Appropriations; Health and Human Services; Human Relations and Aging; Public Safety and Homeland Security


Social media: Facebook | LinkedIn | Website

* 2018 session


Remove state income tax on military retirement benefits

Strengthen sanctuary city statute

Reform parole system and processes

Reform healthcare insurance for low-income and uninsured Georgians



  • “We’re at a disadvantage now in Georgia, in that all of the states around us either have no state income tax or have already exempted military retirement income from income tax and so it creates an unleveled playing field.”



  • “I am going to strengthen, hopefully, that statute, make it better and I’m also going to try again to do something I tried last year to create a database to require that the Department of Corrections post a database on the number of criminal aliens in our Georgia prison system.”



  • “The best thing I can do is make it transparent, people can make up their own minds about policy going forward, but that information but that information should be transparent to the public.”



  • “States really need to the take the lead on finding innovation solutions on healthcare and insurance. There are more viable options than Medicaid expansion.”