Craig Gordon

District 163 (Savannah), Democrat

Years in office: 12

Profession: Executive, healthcare services

Committees*: Economic Development and Tourism; Health and Human Services; Retirement; Special Rules


Social media: Facebook

* 2018 session


Explore a state new market tax credit to spur economic development

Legalization of marijuana cultivation for production of cannabidiol oil and other medical uses

Expand HOPE scholarship parameters to allow older Georgians interested in medical professions to apply for financial aid

Continued study of a rail link between Savannah and Atlanta that serves rural communities



  • “I personally champion economic development because I feel like if everybody is being paid and compensated living wages (and) the job market is just growing then kids do better in school, people have healthcare and makes for a more conducive ecosystem.”




  • “Georgia still doesn’t allow any farmers, urban or rural, the ability to grow it, cultivate it to these people so I want to see where or what the governor’s thinking is.”





  • “What I’m trying to do is put together a group of people as a bipartisan effort to look at in certain degrees, that are most deserts as it relates to the professionals like doctors, that we allow people who are going to major in some of those kinds of concentrations the ability to obtain the HOPE scholarship even if it is in the senior level of their study.”



  • “I look forward to sit down with Governor Kemp and figure out what his transit vision is, and not just 285 and (I-)75 but a rail to create commerce, economic, educational and healthcare opportunities between Savannah and Atlanta.”