Unhee Kim

Unhee Kim

President and COO, Mount Carmel East

Unhee Kim Future Tim Johnson | Columbus CEO

About: Kim has been with the Mount Carmel Health System for nearly six years where she leads its flagship hospital. She has a B.S. in nursing from the University of Akron and an MBA from Cleveland State University. Kim and her husband, Vince, and son Ian live in Westerville and Solon.

Improving the health —both mentally and physically­—of those who call Columbus home will help us thrive for decades to come.

Outside of work: Kim is on the board of directors of the American Heart Association, is the chair of Go Red for Women, is a Franklin University Doctor of Healthcare Administration Advisory Board member and a member of the Westerville Area Resource Ministry.

What does Columbus need to thrive? Last year, about 70,000 people experienced homelessness in Ohio, including 20,000 children. The pandemic has accelerated the growing concerns about housing insecurity in our community. According to Census data, over 500,000 Ohioans could not pay their rent in June. Housing is an essential part of one’s health, and we need to work to incorporate affordable housing across the community as we look to expand other developments. We also need to continue our investment in innovative, sustainable transportation to ensure our community has access to jobs, healthcare and other essential services.

In addition, we need to increase our investment in public health, as it is critical to our community’s safety and economic growth. I believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, comprehensive healthcare. Improving the health—both mentally and physically—of those who call Columbus home will help us thrive for decades to come.

Kim’s idea: There are already many Black-founded and minority-led organizations and movements that simply need the power and resources to thrive. Our project would identify organizations that need support and work directly with their leaders to connect them with the right people, leverage our unique strengths and abilities, and provide innovative solutions to support the meaningful work that has already been done.