Priyam Chokshi

Priyam Chokshi

Director of community and legislative strategies, CelebrateOne

Priyam Chokshi Tim Johnson | Columbus CEO

About: Priyam Chokshi has been with CelebrateOne since 2017 where she develops and executes policies to impact maternal and infant health by collaborating with public and private partners. She has a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from George Washington University. She is pursuing a master’s degree in global development practice at Harvard University. She lives in downtown Columbus and enjoys exploring ethnic eats with her husband, Faraz.

The digital age calls for talent in technical skills to develop sustainable economies.

Outside of work: Chokshi is a regional advisory board member for Children’s Hunger Alliance. She also helps manage Celebrate Onesie LLC, which was created from GiveBackHack. The social enterprise is designed as a buy one, give one model. Individuals throughout in the region can purchase a onesie from and, with every purchase, CelebrateOne donates a sleep sack to a family in need in Franklin County. A sleep sack is a wearable blanket and a resource to prevent sleep related infant deaths – a low hanging fruit to reduce infant mortality.

What does Columbus need to thrive? A robust private-public investment toward comprehensive education reform in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. There are many young residents who do not have access to enough economic and social opportunities to thrive in this city and many of these STEM skills are outsourced. The digital age calls for talent in technical skills to develop sustainable economies. The effort could be supported by private and public sector institutions.

Chokshi’s idea: Future 50 could embark on an annual project to create a sustainable pipeline for diverse board representation in Columbus companies, nonprofits and academic institutions. The project would ensure to strive toward a more equitable representation of Columbus’ population and include young residents interested in learning and creating social change to create a more competitive local market.