F is for fishmongers, fried chicken


fishmongers, fried chicken

Ian Holmes, owner of Coastal Local Seafood Tim Johnson | Columbus Monthly


Thanks to the hard work of the city’s fishmongers, landlocked Columbus still savors the bounty of the sea. This year, Coastal Local Seafood has grown its “pier to plate” business significantly by adding a direct-to-consumer delivery business and, in September, joining the historic North Market; it will soon open a second location in North Market Bridge Park. Owner Ian Holmes sources his seafood from sustainable fisheries, and sells crab claws, scallops, fish fillets à la carte or in convenient bundles, while supplying several local eateries, too. On the West Side, Frank’s Fish & Seafood Market dishes out the best the ocean has to offer, from swordfish to mahi to smoked herring, trout and salmon. [Editor’s note: Since this story was originally published, the longtime North Market vendor The Fish Guys closed, citing the pandemic.]

Fried chicken, biscuits and mac & cheese from Ambrose and Eve Tim Johnson | Columbus Monthly

Fried Chicken

Ambrose and Eve puts out some of the city’s best fried chicken dinners, with mac ’n’ cheese and potato salad. Livingston Avenue’s Fisher Fish & Chicken serves succulent whole wings, breast meat, gizzards and livers, while The Eagle in the Short North showcases crispy, crackling Southern-style birds, drizzled with spicy honey. Newcomer The Crispy Coop dishes up whole birds, strips and sandwiches in traditional, Tennessee mild and Nashville hot varieties. Amongst its crave-able soul food offerings, The Good Kitchen 614 serves delightful fried chicken with sides. And don’t ignore The Pearl’s juicy Southern fried chicken served with creamed corn and a cinnamon sticky bun.