A is for alfresco, arepas


alfresco, arepas

The patio at Lindey’s Eric Albrecht | Columbus Dispatch


Even when it’s not under threat of COVID, Columbus loves a good patio. The open air just enhances the food, the drink, the camaraderie. German Village is home to two alfresco favorites: Lindey’s brick-lined enclave and Barcelona’s lush oasis. Some are hidden gems tucked away, such as Basi Italia’s patio surrounded by greenery and strung with lights, while others are front and center, like Tucci’s expansive front patio in Historic Dublin. The one thing to make a patio better: an elevated view. The rooftop digs at both Lincoln Social in the Short North and Bridge Park’s Vaso provide an Instagram-worthy backdrop for your small plates and cocktails.

A cheese arepa from Arepazo Will Shilling | Columbus Alive


Every culture serves some version of a sandwich, and the arepa is Venezuela’s contribution: a fried pocket of cornmeal dough stuffed with shredded meat, cheese, eggs and fresh veggies. The possibilities are endless. This delicacy is the signature item at Arepazo, which fills them with veggies, shredded chicken, pork or beef. The Sazón Latin American food truck features an arepa with meat, butter and cheese, while the Gardenia Market in Historic Dublin packs its arepas with everything from shredded chicken to tuna to ham and cheese. In Lewis Center, The Porch’s owner Mariangela Jimenez Uzcategui crams the corncakes until bursting with ingredients like seasoned scrambled eggs, pulled pork or grilled sirloin.