Sports and Arts

From Actor's Theatre in Schiller Park to Summer Jam West on the West Side, Columbus offers plenty of options to fill your free time. Some are hidden gems. Others sit prominently in the urban core and offer everything from big concerts to sporting events.

This month's CbusNEXT section focuses on the future of sports, arts and entertainment.

We look at the future of football in light of concerns about concussions. Will parents still let their children play, and how will it affect Ohio State and the NFL? Will the city be home to another franchise?

Joe Blundo picked the brains of some of the top artists and arts leaders in the city to offer insights into our cultural future. We also checked in with the area's biggest arts institutions to hear their plans.

Then and now

How theaters have changed over the years

Big plans for arts institutions

From the Metro Parks to the art museum, big changes are planned. See what’s ahead.

Future franchises

Columbus is primed to bring in new teams

Football’s future

With concussions worrying parents, will America’s sport survive?

The future of arts

See what the city’s arts leaders think the future will bring

Rob Oller

In sports, Columbus has become a star

The Columbus Zoo’s future

See how the zoo is trying to save endangered animals

Technology and entertainment

Will the newest gadgets keep us from attending concerts or art shows?

Sports attendance

With so much competition, how do sporting events draw a crowd?