An expected 1 million more people by 2050 means change is inevitable. But the city doesn’t just want to grow - it wants to lead. Community leaders and longtime residents ponder Columbus’ future, from driverless cars to the Smart Columbus initiative. Where will we live? Will there be enough jobs? What will people in other cities think of us?


1 million more people? Columbus on verge of growth spurt


Some past predictions came true for Columbus — 100 years later

Franklin County

Green space and blue water will be coveted in Franklin County

Artificial intelligence

Columbus could be center of artificial intelligence advances

Our Identity

Does Columbus suffer from an identity crisis?

Theodore Decker

With a little imagination, we can envision Columbus’ future

Success Stories

Immigrant families sacrifice for next generation


Cars of the future will drive themselves, and talk to one another


Columbus builds mosaic of diversity in growing immigrant communities

The Artist

Designer of CbusNEXT cover inspired by city’s gems