Engineering our future

From genomic research to 3-D printing technology, work by researchers today is paving the path to a better future. We talked with scientists and health experts about the most promising work in science and health. Researchers gave us tours of labs where breakthrough technology is being invented. And Columbus residents also weighed in with their wildest invention ideas. Will they happen?

Medical advances

Read about how doctors will better prevent, treat diseases

Tour promising labs

See groundbreaking research being done in Columbus

Wild inventions

We ask for invention ideas. Will they happen?

The future of research

See how U.S. scientists will have to adapt to be research leaders

A changing environment

How will climate change affect Ohio?

Public health

Wages, neighborhood, education affect your health


Read about the problem of antibiotic overuse

Our hospitals

Where they’ve been and what’s planned

About the artist

About the artist | Alma Kim