If you want to see how much is changing in the business world, think about the food you eat. Today, groceries and restaurant food be purchased online and delivered. The trend toward smaller groceries over giant megastores is happening already. Even the way food is grown has changed.

This month, CbusNEXT explores the future of business. With so much change happening in the retail sector, what will stores and malls look like in 20 years? Technology and automation are making work easier, but they could cost some their jobs. The energy game is shifting too, away from giant power plants.

How is Columbus in a position to take advantage of these changes?

The future of business

Diversity will help Columbus succeed


Columbus won’t be Silicon Valley, and that’s fine


Stores will be smaller, but they’ll be around


The way we produce, buy food is changing


Will we be less dependent on the grid?


See the new businesses popping up in Columbus

Looking back

20 years ago, everything looked different